Cordeen in Concert


CORDEEN in Concert


4 piece button accordion ensemble,  a new and exciting concept in the realm of traditional music.


 A collaboration between Newfoundland and Ireland.


Tuesday 13th June 2017 


 Farnham Arms Hotel Cavan 




Adm €15  

Youth/Children Concession  €10 


Four centuries after the first Irish immigrants set foot on the shores of Newfoundland, a group of talented musicians came together under the name of their beloved instrument: Cordeen, from Irish cairdín, the native term for the button accordion those pioneering players brought with them from the old world to the new.  


Through a unique musical lens, Cordeen will explore the legacy of the Irish in Newfoundland as they trace the story of traditional music, from songs of home to fresh new fusions. 


The Music

Each of the band’s members brings a unique style of playing deeply influenced by the rhythms of their towns and villages, echoing the journeys they have taken to mastery.


 Waterford’s Benny McCarthy, founding member of iconic traditional music group Danú, is a soft-spoken player with a dry wit and a twinkle in his eye. 


Hailing from the rich musical heartland of Sliabh Luachra, Conor Moriority is an All-Ireland Accordion champion who learned to play at the knees of great players like John Brosnan and Jimmy Doyle. 


Graham Wells, previously of the renowned band The Irish Descendants, is a true blue Newfoundlander from St John’s whose grandfather passed down the art of the box by taking him to play at parties and dances across the island.


 Also from Newfoundland is Billy Sutton of popular trad/rock group The Fables- not only a master accordionist but a prodigious talent on the bouzouki, fiddle and mandola! 


(Photos  by A.Lebaupain)



Date and time:

13 June 2017 from 09:00 to 23:00

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