‘The Automated Orchestra’, by Robbie Perry



Fri 22nd September - Sat 14th October
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm


8pm to 10pm — ‘The Automated Orchestra’

10.30pm to 11pm — ‘Punk Opera’


The Automated Orchestra Video Link:


Part-conductor, part-electronic puppetmaster, Robbie Perry pulls the strings as his mechanical orchestra of recycled and re-purposed instruments performs an experimental symphony like you’ve never heard before in ‘The Automatic Orchestra’.


A former member of Dead Can Dance, maverick composer and multi-instrumentalist Robbie has spent over a decade concocting a dizzying array of instruments from various household detritus, finding music in the most unlikely places.


‘The Automated Orchestra’ sees Robbie draw on this body work to produce a theatrical feast of mechanised musicality.


From bicycle wheels to office printers, saw blades to gutted pianos, ‘The Automated Orchestra’ will transport unsuspecting participants through otherworldly soundscapes as they manipulate the bespoke interfaces and create unique compositions. Face your creative gods and set your controls for the sun!


Featuring original compositions by Robbie Perry, ‘The Automated Orchestra’ debuts at Townhall Cavan as part of the Culture Night ‘Punk Opera’ featuring Niamh O’Connor on vocals, Eddie Hamill on saxophone and spoken word from Philip Doherty on Friday, 22 September.


The exhibition will be open Wednesday to Saturday, from 11am to 5pm until Saturday, 14 October2017


Date and time:

13 September 2017 to 15 September 2017

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