Cruinniú na nÓg 2020 Events

For 2020 Cruinniú na nÓg will be going online and virtual!

Over the past 2 years Cruinniú na nÓg has become a key point in the calendar for children and young people to try something creative, develop an appetite for discovery and acquire new skills – and 2020 will be no different!
Everyone is invited to celebrate our culture and creativity and to take part in the virtual Cruinniú na nÓg on Saturday 13th June 2020. Further details and resources are available here.

In partnership with RTÉ and Local Authorities, the Creative Ireland Programme is urging children and young people to answer the call, to get creative at home and be ready to showcase their creative talents on Saturday 13th June.
We have developed a number of creative, cultural and engaging “calls to action” which children, young people – indeed entire families – can create in their own homes and gardens on Saturday 13th June.

So what’s happening in County Cavan and Monaghan?

You Tube Logo
Cavan/Monaghan Creative Youth YouTube Channel – This will be a platform for young people to create content and performance opportunities in any art form. Young people are invited to showcase their creativity for Cruinniú na nÓg 2020. The creative content can be any form of art and will be reflective of the voice of you the young people of Cavan/Monaghan. You will also be given the opportunity to host the YouTube channel, with professional presentational and journalistic training by Dabbledoo Music. Open Call for Creative Content: So we need to hear from you now. Please submit your ideas for Cavan/Monaghan Cruinniú na nÓg/Creative Youth YouTube Channel before the 18th May 2020. You can record a version of a song, write a song, a poem, create a piece of art, perform a monologue, a comedy sketch, photography, a short film/scene, animation….the list is endless. Are you under 18 and want to have some creative fun we need to hear from you now? Check out the video for more details or contact:



Early Years: Music Generation



Music Generation Cavan / Monaghan’s Early Years’ Music Programme is inspired by music educationists Zoltan Kodály and John Feierabend. The classes are based on engaging children to be tuneful, beatful and artful.


Tuneful – to have tunes in their heads and learn to coordinate their voices to sing those tunes

Beatful – to feel the pulse of music and how that pulse is grouped in either 2s or 3s

Artful – to respond to beautiful music which enriches the emotional side of humans


The videos we will present as part of Cruinniu na nÓg will reflect the above principles by including the following activities:

Pitch Exploration (Vocal Warm-ups)

Fragment Singing

Echo Songs Call and Response Songs

Simple Songs

Arioso (Child created tunes)


Movement Exploration (Movement Warm-ups)

Movement for Form and Expression

Movement with the Beat


Not long ago we were a society of music makers. Families and communities shared and performed a repertoire of traditional songs and dances.

Music Generation Cavan / Monaghan aspires to help children build competencies that will allow them to integrate music into their lives, so that they may become more than just the next generation of consumers.



Under the Wishing Tree, Ceol Connected



Under the Wishing Tree: A multisensory music experience for children with complex needs Under the Wishing Tree is a series of music videos with an accompanying multisensory gift pack that has been created specifically for children who attend the Special Care classes at Holy Family School in Cootehill, Co. Cavan.

Based in the world of Whistleberry Forest, this initiative has been designed specifically to reach and engage with children with complex needs. Each child from the Special Care classes at Holy Family will receive a beautiful sensory gift pack, with sensory objects included that relate to the online sessions. As they listen to Faoiláin the frog’s funky polkas and fly with Ornaith the owl through the night, they can experience the touch of sensory lily pads, floating feathers, and will even make their very own wish! For more information on Ceol Connected’s work visit





BrickFlicks - Stop Motion Animation with Lego Minifigures, handmade sets and mobile devices!



Brickflicks - Your Stop Motion with Lego Animation Course. 

Ever wanted to learn how to make stop motion animation? Now you can and we want you to get involved for Cruinniu na nOg 2020.

​​​​​​​We will take you on the journey from having a cool idea to making it into an awesome film. On the way we will explain how the different parts of Stop motion and how it works and we will share some of the great tips and skills that we have learned when we are making our own films.

All you need is a mobile device with a camera, a Lego Minifigure and your imagination!

This course is delivered using a blended approach of online learning and offline activity. 

Suitable for ages 9yrs + ( we recommend that an Adult assists with the online elements of the course)




Dabbledoo: Rap



"Ever wondered how people can rap? DabbledooMusic have put together a special guide to hip hop, rapping and beats to help you write your own rhymes and put them together! Why not take the Rap

Challenge and write some rhymes about how life feels a bit different these days? Head over to the DabbledooMusic blog to find out more!"


Would you like to become a professional filmmaker? Are you the next Scorsese or Spielberg? Perhaps Stop Motion isn’t for you but you would still like to be the next Lenny Abrahamson.  Well, we want to hear from you!
The weeks leading up to Cruinniú 2020, Skyrocket Media will facilitate a weekly online course that teaches camera and editing skills with young people. We will teach how to use your DSLR in full manual mode to gain more creative freedom. Next we’ll cover the essentials of visual storytelling with composition, motion and lighting. The concept of this course is to make you understand the same techniques that a professional filmmaker uses. Each participant, with our guidance will create video content using both online and offline resources. Firstly, we will show the student how to shoot beautiful video with both a mobile phone and a DSLR camera (where available). Each participant will also learn how to shoot and edit smartphone videos, and how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro with these easy-to-follow Premiere Pro video editing tutorials. Creative work will be shared and celebrated. To register your interest contact



Cruinniú na nÓg Events Cavan


Cavan County Museum's Story Time Needs You! 


Cavan County Museum has engaged a storyteller to respond to your art work by creating a BRAND NEW STORY about Cavan with your pictures as the illustrations! Create your piece of art inspired by County Cavan and everything in it and send it to us at


Playin' Pots & Pans with Peter Crann


Starting with body percussion and sounds and beats on your body.
Then finding things in the kitchen that make sounds.
Deep sounds
High sounds
Shakey sounds
Scrapey sounds

Play along with me, a simple groove with stops and breaks!



Creative Challenges with PoD Youth Theatre in association with the Ramor Theatre

As part of Cuinniú na nÓg 2020, PoD Youth Theatre are proud to present a selection of performed monologues, images & short films created as part of our PoD Creative Challenges and for the Documenting Self Isolation photography project run by the National Youth Council of Ireland.

This work is created by members from both our Junior & senior Youth Theatre groups and will be featured on Saturday 13th June on the Cavan/Monaghan Cruinniú na nÓg/Creative Youth YouTube Channel and through our PoD Youth Theatre social media platforms.


Just because we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t be creative from home!




Interactive Adventures with Fairy Folk and Storyteller Helena Byrne



This is a LIVE event via ZOOM.  Internet connection essential.

Pre - registration is required to participate.

Please email to register and recieve your link to this event.

To find out more about Helena Byrne visit



Creative Dance Workshop with DYDC (Dublin Youth Dance Company)



This is a LIVE event via ZOOM.  Internet connection essential.

Pre - registration is required to participate.

Please email to register and recieve your link to this event.

To find out more about Dublin Youth Dance Company visit




This is a LIVE event via ZOOM.  Internet connection essential.

Pre - registration is required to participate.

Please email to register and recieve your interactive listening list.

*Note* both events are suitable for children from 0-6 year old, you can register for both sessions (8pm to 8:15pm and 8:20pm to 8:35pm)




Cruinniú na nÓg Events Monaghan


Scenes From a Quarantine – As part of Cuinniú na nÓg 2020, Monaghan Youth Theatre responds to the current coronavirus crisis by embarking on an uncharted journey using multimedia, song and spoken word to “write a letter to Covid” and performs an online production of Scenes From a Quarantine by Lindsay Price. Both projects will be launched June 13th on C/M Creative Youth Cruinniú na nÓgYouTube channel
Get The Bodhrán Buzz – The Bodhrán Buzz will get your creative energy flowing as we explore the rhythms and sounds created by the Bodhrán. Robbie Walsh, an All-Ireland Bodhrán champion and full time Bodhrán musician and teacher, will lead a group of young people through online workshops to discover hidden talents. Composing, playing and performance will form the basis of these interactive workshops introducing those involved to the delights of traditional Irish music. They will explore the history of the instrument before playing a range of modern tunes. Participants will then lead others in a live performance on Cruinniú, the 13th June. To be part of this exciting project email  A bodhrán will be supplied to the first 10 participants.
Cruinniú Create with Kevin – Looking for new ways to improve your drawing skills? Get the pencils sharpened and break out the paints as we get creative with Artist Kevin McHugh. Art is an essential life skill and everyone should have the chance to develop their talents. Kevin will lead us in an online art class as we learn ‘how to draw’ some cool characters and scenes. We will be introduced to the techniques of drawing, shading and colouring. These easy step-by-step classes will help everyone to create their own masterpiece. Workshop will stream live at 2pm on Saturday 13th June



So, there’s no excuse – get online, get creative and get sharing #CreativeIreland #CreativeCavan #CreativeMonaghan



Date and time:

12 June 2020 from 17:00 to 17:00


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