Cyber Gossip

Kilnaleck Youth Drama Society Presents ‘Cyber Gossip’ by Alice Lynch

Ramor Theatre
8 pm  Thursday 24th May 
Tickets €10/ €5 at the door
Not suitable for children under 12


Written based on suggestions and improvisations by Kilnaleck Youth Drama Society’s teenage group, ‘Cyber Gossip’ looks at the abuse of social media and the effects it is having on our lives.


Not for the faint hearted, the play offers us a glimpse into the life of our teenagers, whose phones have become an integral part of their lives.


A nasty post about Caoimhe appears on her friend, Jason’s Facebook account.


He says it wasn’t him.


Who was it? How does Caoimhe cope with the gossip?


Who will the next victim of the Cyber Gossip be?


A hard hitting play which explores self-harm, eating disorders, sleep deprivation and suicide.


Not suitable for children under 12.



Date and time:

17 May 2018 to 25 May 2018

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