72nd Cavan Drama Festival 2018


A Diamond in the Making


Looking forward to a Dramatic Anniversary… 

The first Cavan Drama Festival ran from March 24th to 31st 1946 – making it the second longest running in the country with Tubbercurry just one year older. This year we look forward to the 72nd Festival but with an eye to the future… and the realisation that in just three years time, this tenacious, dramatic endeavour will celebrate three quarters of a century promoting amateur drama – Cavan should be rightly proud!


The minutes of the Festival Committees – recorded in pencil until 1952 - wonderfully reflect the history of our town and country. During the first Festival 16 of the 34 plays were in Irish and admission was 12/6 - about 79 cent. Many who trod the stage over the years went on to become household names - Gerry Stembridge, Moya Doherty, Brendan Gleeson all came to Cavan to play their part. The Festival has filled hotel rooms and restaurants (and the occasional barstool) and enticed those that might never have passed this way to come and come again.


In its own way the Cavan Drama Festival, and the Committees that have impressively kept it alive, have been making history. As we prepare to celebrate its 75th Anniversary in 2021, we invite all those interested in being part of that history to join us. We want to ensure that the Festival, its supporters and the town that has kept it alive, enjoy a well-deserved, truly dramatic celebration. Patrons over the years have attended pre performance receptions and been acknowledged in the Souvenir Programme and will now be increasingly involved as the Diamond Anniversary approaches. Those interested in becoming Patrons, joining the Committee or just wanting to know more should complete the form overleaf – and let the Drama begin…


Date and time:

07 March 2018 to 30 March 2018

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