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Providing emerging female career artists, who are not represented by major galleries, exhibition space in exclusive enclaves. Capturing the attention and interest of discerning art lovers and collectors away from public art fairs and competing against thousands of artworks and hundreds of galleries is no mean feat and a challenge faced by professional artists everywhere.  Creating opportunities to exhibit and thinking outside the box is fast becoming the new norm for many emerging and talented professional artists.


Three emerging Irish Artists, who are representing a new breed of independent, digitally savvy practitioners, have been invited to Switzerland to represent the Irish Female cohort, in a global, prestigious, inaugural event looking at these very issues.


Fran Halpin (Dublin), Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova (Cavan) and Niamh O'Connor (Monaghan), three professional female Irish artists, are currently building successful art businesses using digital marketing, social media and networking skills, alongside traditional approaches to brick and mortar exhibition centers and galleries, are taking up the mantle.


Fran says “ We are the next generation of working artists who can not solely rely on galleries and curators to validate our work in order to make a living. We are proud to represent Ireland alongside 35 other countries as we stand together to say ENOUGH to gender imbalance in the artworld “ whilst using this platform for a wider audience to our works AND supporting women's art in the wider world.



ArtsFemin is a group of feminist art curators and artists dedicated to empowering women through art by redressing the gender imbalance in the art world, they call themselves the “artsfemin warriors”. The initiative is Leticia de Prado’s brainchild, a Spanish artist and artpreneur, she curated a team combining years of experience in the art world to help guide and bring the artists, and their work, in front of an international target audience, positioning them in the right framework to achieve their goals. 



Global statistics show that under thirty percent of galleries represent female artists, and sales in major art fairs of 'women artists' works, is only an average of some fifteen percent, compared to their male counterparts. 



 $€X¥ Gstaad, inaugural exhibition which stands for Secure, Enthusiast, Exponential and Young at heart,  is the first step towards an all-female art exhibition, managed by women for women and all those of other gender who wish to celebrate and support female talents, to showcase their creations by contributing to an exchange of ideas around gender, sexuality and culture with discerning collectors and intellectual minds. 


This global exhibition takes place at the new luxury contemporary Huus Gstaad Hotel Switzerland on Feb 28th – Mar 1st 2020.


The exhibition will showcase professionally curated works by fifty-five women emerging career artists, from thirty-five countries, almost all the artists will be attending to present and discuss their respective works, they’re excitedly flying from around the world to personally assist in this unique event, which will showcase works created exclusively for this exhibition and its VIP patrons and invited guests.


 “It is an honour and a pleasure to host so many talented artists in my beloved Gstaad.  We are grateful for the support of the artists contributing, and to our generous patron (who wishes to remain anonymous), which has helped make this initiative a reality” says Leticia “we hope this event will be a great success for all, and our guests will appreciate the effort and beautiful art of all our talented artists achieving to make the event a success for everyone and highlight this global gender imbalance ”. 


The vernissage will take place at the 5-star hotel in this exclusive location with an afternoon VIP event and evening open reception.  The event will include live animation and video interviews starting at 7 PM on Friday Feb 28th, 2020, register on to receive an invitation to the private viewing preview between 11 Am – 4 PM


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Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova


Miriam's work, also known as Paper On Edge, is based on an old traditional technique of paper quilling. By combining this with her passion for mathematics and geometry, she introduces a whole new visual art language. Each piece is based on a specific mathematical relationship, symmetry or sequence, and usually based on basic platonic shapes.


To create each finished artwork she spends hours designing, cutting, folding and glueing paper, in order to achieve the required depth and movement. She approaches the process with a mixture of curiosity and precision. Some pieces are created intuitively, while others are pre-designed with every single cut carefully measured. Colours and textures are architecturally brought alive, fusing mathematics and art together.


Miriam, an Irish Citizen born in Slovakia has works in commercial buildings and private collections throughout the EU and further afield.


The three Irish artists would like to add a special note of thanks to Local Enterprise Offices, Cavan, Dublin and Monaghan for their assistance and support with this opportunity. Artists can be contacted directly through their websites or on social media listed here:



Fran Halpin


Dublin-born Fran Halpin has been working internationally as a full-time commercial artist since her graduation from DIT, Fine Art in 1997.   My childhood memories were immersed in nature. My father loved skimming stones and spending time with his children outdoors.  We spent our leisure time along the banks of a river close to our family home where my fascination with water and specifically wet pebbles was born. 


This latest collection focuses on making memories with my own children which mirrors my fathers. My painting showcases stones my young children chose together during beachcombing weekends near our Dublin home.

Stones on beaches prompt people to pick them, hold them, possibly skim them and more often than not, keep them, like a treasure.  Memories are our treasures. 

My work reminds us of the simple treasures that are all around us.




Niamh O Connor.


My custom created exhibition piece is entitled 'Safe House'.  It seemed fitting that this @artsfemin exhibition supporting the charity 'Women for Women International' and female emerging contemporary artists, should have a focus on worldwide 'female' issues.  


So to honour women, in all walks of life 'Safe House' raises awareness and offers respite from antagonists to women everywhere.  My large scale, mixed media painting was custom created for the Gstaad exhibition from my border county countryside studio in celebration of the charity supported by this great event.  


Dublin born, Niamh currently resides in Co. Monaghan and has works in commercial and private collections across Ireland, Europe and the USA.



19 Feb 2020