OPEN: Cavan Writer-in-Residence 2019

OPEN: Cavan Writer-in-Residence 2019

Cavan Writer in Residence 2019

Call for applications

As part of our evolving community engagement programme, the Irish Writers Centre is pleased to announce a new initiative , the Cavan Writer-in-Residence (CWIR) programme, to delivered in partnership with Cavan County Council Arts Office.

What will the residency involve? 

The selected Writer in Residence (WIR) will work with the following groups as a facilitator, mentor and provide curation expertise where appropriate.  The selected WIR may also be the subject of interviews at festivals. 

Below is a proposed programme of engagement:

  1. Lit Lab - anthology editorial and festival curation support (around 20 hrs)
  2. Cavan Arts Festival - May 17-19 In Conversation with Catriona O’Reilly, Cavan Arts Officer.
  3. Reading/Writing groups – to connect with four groups in the county (via the libraries) with a view to explore writing with them X 3 visits each.
  4. Performing/reading in one Over the Edge spoken word event in Cavan
  5. Being an advocate for writing - encouraging new writing groups (eg in Belturbet library)
  6. Older People's Council - Sept/Oct ideally 4-6 weekly two hour workshops with Cavan WIR
  7. Place of drama - Ramor Youth theatre group one Taster workshop with 12-18 year olds

 Competencies and requirements

The Cavan WIR will:

  • Be experienced and proficient in working with writers of varying levels and abilities
  • Be sufficiently well connected and experienced to curate a minimum of one event for Lit Lab festival.
  • Analytical skills to write a piece of work (or report on) the experience of the residency colouring the report with individual stories arising from the residency.
  • Will need to be mobile in respect of connecting with writing groups who meet beyond the scope of public transport routes.

Other requirements:

The appointed Cavan WIR will write an evaluation report at the end of the engagement period which within a month of the end of the residency or by December 9th latest.


 Writer’s brief 

The Cavan WIR is invited to lead a series of workshops, taking inspiration from varied sources: from their knowledge of the group, from participants’ stories, and from their own experience of previous facilitation.   A primary goal is to create a process of engagement with the group in giving voice to their stories through language and words. 

 Ideally, WIR applicants will:

  • be sensitive to the issues that may arise in regard to the target group
  • have an ability in drawing out stories from individuals in the group
  • have an awareness of the lives of the cohort group
  • be able to act as a role model, adding vision and clarity to Lit Lab’s work, in particular, in a curatorial and editorial context

 As each group’s level of writing experience differs, there will be elements of making each group’s engagement different.  For example, with the Lit Lab, the WIR’s role will be largely as editor and mentor, feeding back to group members as agreed between themselves and the group.  However, with a beginner group, the WIR’s role will be as a creative writing facilitator.  With reading groups, the role changes to facilitating and presenting critical analysis of the selected text as seen through a writer’s eyes, through the medium of conversation.

In advance of the residency, an agreed model of practice (to include evaluation), clear goals, roles and responsibilities will be agreed between the writer, the IWC and Cavan Arts Office.

Schedule – A time bound engagement period from April - November 2019 (excluding August)

The engagement period will begin in April where the WIR will be given the means to arrange their own workshop visits as they see fit over the engagement period. In addition, the IWC and Cavan Arts Office will coordinate the two events.  Ideally, a full schedule will be in place by the beginning of May.

Who is eligible to apply?

 This is an open call to writers who are ordinarily resident on the island of Ireland. They must be mobile, as the residency will require traveling to differing locations in Cavan. Applicants must have a proven track record and at least one book of fiction, short stories or poetry published by a recognised publisher. Experience of leading creative writing workshops is essential.

Where is the programme taking place? 

County Cavan


When is the deadline for application to the Call?

Thursday April 18th at 5pm. Late applications will not be considered.



The fee offered is €4,900 inclusive of VAT.   There is also a travel/materials budget of €600 which is reimbursable upon submission of receipts.


How to apply:

If you are interested in applying, please send the following to with Cavan Writer-in-Residence in the subject line.

Please include:

  • a proposal outlining ideas and approaches around engagement and interaction with the various groups. Please outline why you wish to undertake the residency and how you might be best suited to the role (maximum 2 pages).
  • a typed curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages) including examples of previous work, publications, programmes or published articles, such as reviews. (Please include links to work published online.)

Please collate all application material into one attachment to ensure that it is eligible for consideration.


Criteria for selection

  • Suitability of proposal in context of this project
  • Facilitation experience
  • Other experience in respect of the curatorial and editing parts of the role

Applications will go before a selection committee comprising of a representative from each of the producing organisations.

This is an Irish Writers Centre initiative supported by the Arts Council and Cavan County Council.




01 Apr 2019

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