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Arts Development Awards 2020 Report Form





Arts Awards 2020

Once again there was an increase in applications for the Cavan Arts Awards. In 2019 we’d received 67 applications in total, for 2020 this figure grew to 106. The Arts Office wish to thank everyone who submitted an application and want to note that overall the feedback received from the adjudication panel was extremely positive. We acknowledge the work that went into each application and understand that there is some disappointment as demand greatly exceeded resources.


The adjudication panel recommended that all applicants review their supporting documentation prior to submission to ensure they are submitting all relevant information about themselves and their work to date.



The Emerging Artist Award

For 2020 an additional category was added to the awards. The Emerging Artist Award. This category was added to help artists under 30 years of age develop their career and continue to grow their independent body of work. Four artists applied and were successful under this category for 2020.



Arts Development Awards

We received 46 applications for the Arts Development Awards, 33 of which were successful. The successful applicants have been notified in writing of their success. We hope that the unsuccessful applicants are undeterred and that they continue to nurture their skill and love for art and apply in December/January for the 2021 Arts Awards.


The Arts Office staff are here to meet and support all applicants and answer any queries you may have. Once again, we endeavour to make the application process as streamlined and efficient as possible, we hope to continue with the online application form for the Arts Awards 2021.


Successful applicants must complete the Report Form above. Supporting documentation can be uploaded using the relevant link included in the Report Form.



If you wish to submit a hard copy of the Report Form, please contact or the Arts Office on 049 4378549. Supporting documentation must also be included with hard copies.



Professional Artist Award

In 2020 we received 28 applications for the Professional Artist Awards, 14 of which were successful. This award will help artists develop their work which will enhance their careers.



Artist Residency Award

The Arts Office offer two residency options for 2020: Tyrone Guthrie Centre and The Moth.


We received 17 applications for Tyrone Guthrie Centre, due to the extremely high standard of applications the adjudication panel recommended an additional prize of a one week residency in Tyrone Guthrie Centre.


We received 11applicaitons for The Moth, applicants will be contacted in the coming days with the results.




28 Feb 2021

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