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Arts Office, Cavan County Council


Cavan County Council’s Cultural Sector (Arts Office, Cavan Heritage Office, Theatres, Libraries and Museum and the Geopark) is forming and establishing a three year Panel of Artists for 2020 - 2023. The setting up and establishment of the Panel will be done initially following this Tender competition, advertised on the eTenders website


The Panel of Artists will consist of enthusiastic, motivated and skilled artists in all arts disciplines. These artists will be qualified to work in a range of different settings throughout the county of Cavan, which can include once off and medium-term quality arts projects with people of all ages. The formation of this panel will help the development of artistic practice in the county of Cavan and offers professional development opportunities to members of the panel as part of this work.


Cavan County Council wishes to notify all interested artists that they are invited to apply by completing the Cavan County Council Artists Panel Application Form, on the eTenders website (


Applicants must register their interest on the eTenders web site ( in order to be included on the mailing list for clarifications.


Please note also that all information relating this initial Tender Competition, including clarifications and changes, will be published on the Irish Government Procurement Opportunities Portal ( only. Registration is free of charge. Cavan County Council will not accept responsibility for information relayed (or not relayed) via third parties.


Applications – Tender Submissions must be completed and submitted in the English language.


Queries - All queries regarding this tender should be through the Questions and Answers facility on, including any omissions which would prevent tenderers from submitting a comprehensive tender.  Please submit queries as soon as possible.


The closing date for queries

5th March 2020 at 12 noon.

Process for submitting queries

Via only


In circulating responses, queries will be edited to avoid disclosing the identity of the querist and will be circulated to all parties who have expressed an interest in the procurement on the eTenders website.


Applicants will be assessed and shortlisted for inclusion on the panel on the basis of information received (see the ‘Artists Panel Guidelines and Terms and Conditions’ document).  Clarification meetings may also be required.


Documents provided to Applicants under this initial tender Competition

  • Cavan County Council Artists Panel Application Form 2020
  • Appendix A – Personal Declaration
  • Appendix B – Financial Declaration
  • Artists Panel Guidelines and Terms and Conditions


Tender Submission – Checklist

The Applicants – “Artist Application - Tender submission” must consist of

  • A Competed Application Form incl Appendix A and Appendix B and
  • Include any relevant supporting documentation as required.



Format for submission of the “Artists Application - Tender Submission”

The Applicants “Artists Application - Tender Submission” must be submitted electronically VIA ONLY


Cavan County Council is using the Tender Postbox facility on etenders and The Applicants “Artists Application - Tender Submission”  must be submitted electronically via the etenders postbox facility on only.  Only applications submitted to the electronic postbox will be accepted.  Applications submitted by any other means (including but not limited to by email, fax, post or hand delivery) will not be accepted. See Important Notice below.


Applicants must ensure that they give themselves sufficient time to upload and submit all required tender documentation before the Tender Deadline.  Applicants should consider the fact that upload speeds vary. 


To submit a document to the electronic postbox, please note that Applicants must click “Submit Response”.  After submitting Applicants can still modify and re-send their response up until the response deadline.  Applicants should be aware that the ‘Submit Response’ button will be disabled automatically upon the expiration of the response deadline.


Applicants not familiar with uploading on eTenders should ensure they familiarise themselves with the process prior to the submission deadline.


Closing time and date for Tenders (Tender Deadline)

The Tender deadline for receipt of the Artists Application - Tender Submission

13th March 2020 at 12:00 Noon




An administrative closing date has been set at 13th March 2020 at 12 noon, however this closing date is for the Initial Tender Process and administrative purposes only to allow for the establishment of the Panel. Once the Panel is established following this Tender process, new applicants can apply directly to the Arts Office of Cavan County Council for entry onto the Panel. The Panel is open to new applications, during the lifetime of the Panel (once established). Following the initial establishment, the Panel will again be advertised every year thereafter on an annual basis through the local Newspaper and any other media outlets deemed appropriate.



11 Mar 2020

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