Creative Writing and Change 2019 Masterclass Programme

Creative Writing and Change 2019 Masterclass Programme



If you are hoping to inject some creative change into your 2019 then look no further than our Masterclass programme. They start off Feb 9th and 10th with a weekend of creative writing.


Creativity and Change masterclasses are an opportunity for inspirational, intensive and in depth engagement over one or two days. Delivered by facilitators with specific expertise and experience, the programme is designed around the identified gaps and expressed interests of practitioners. Each masterclass is a deep dive into a specific method that can be used to explore change-making, global citizenship and social justice. Fees are subsidised by our partner Irish Aid in order to make these courses affordable and accessible to all. They will all take place in inspiring locations around Cork City.


Explore all the masterclasses and register online here: 



Feb 9th- 10th Creative Writing with Kristi Collins

March 9th- 10th Street Art with Helen O’Keeffe and Claire Coughlan

April 6th- 7th Creative Tools for Internal Reflective Journaling with Susanne Bosch

May 18th- 19th Embodied Learning in Nature with Maria Young

June 22nd- 23rd Play Back Theatre with Chriszine Backhouse

June 29th- 30th Visual Facilitation with Eimear McNally


2019 Film Project


A collaborative film will be made during each workshop where participants will be invited to share their experience and learnings and contribute to the making of the film. This process is integral in that it will create the possibility for those attending to revisit the main themes explored and for the learning to be shared beyond the workshop with others who are interested to integrate creative practices into their work. We will be working with film-maker Linda Curtin to realise this project. See more of Linda’s work here.


15 Jan 2019


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