Art in Lockdown Exhibition

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‘Art in Lockdown’ Exhibition 


On the 17th of March, as Coronavirus cases in Ireland began to increase and people were urged to stay at home, a group of 20 artists came together to give people a way to have their daily art and cultural fix from the safety of their own homes. Called Art in Lockdown Exhibition, the idea is to use a Facebook page as the exhibition space, where each of the 20 artists gets to show one piece of their work per day. Those 20 artworks are curated into daily albums and posted on the Art In Lockdown Exhibition Facebook page at 6 p.m. every day. Already into its third week, it has given followers of the page a chance to attend a brand new art exhibition every day, and something to look forward to seeing every evening, without leaving the house or putting anyone’s health in danger. Art In Lockdown is a light-hearted positive, in what are uncertain times.


The concept was the brainchild of artist and poet Roisin Duffy, originally from Co. Cavan but now living in Co. Monaghan. Roisin works in acrylic on canvas, and unusually, writes a small poem to accompany each of her paintings. Also involved in the project are two other artists from the Cavan/Monaghan region. Niamh O’Connor, a Dublin native but living in Monaghan for the last 18 years, is a mixed media and encaustic artist. Another of the exhibiting artists is Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova, a visual artist creating 3-dimensional paper art. Slovakian born, Miriam is now based near Kingscourt in Co. Cavan.


These are just three of the twenty artists bringing their work to the public daily in ‘Art In Lockdown’. The remaining artists are based all over Ireland, and have a wealth of experience and exhibiting histories between them. Among the rest of the group are oil painters, screen-printers, painters, watercolourists, and acrylic painters, providing a wide variety of styles for their audience. Comments and messages flooding into the page from their daily followers say that people look forward to having the page as their daily art and culture fix, a bright note in long days – ‘this is like opening a present - so exciting every day!’ and ‘this is a wonderful treat at the end of the day....thank you’


Another really exciting development was when Niamh O’Connor was invited to discuss the project with Youtube sensation, artist, and art mentor, Sergio Gomez. Chicago based Sergio is interviewing artists from across the world about how they are coping and what they are doing during the pandemic, and how they are continuing to create and share their art with the community. Niamh’s interview with Sergio for his ART/NXT Level series ‘Artists in Lockdown’ has brought a global audience to the Facebook page. 


The other ‘Art In Lockdown’ artists are: Adrienne M. Finnerty, Brenda O’Connor, Clare Hartigan, Debbie Chapman, Dermot Brennan, Diana Marshall, John Nolan, Karen Wilson, Kate Kos, Liam Jones, Marina Hamilton, Mary Tritschler, Orlagh Murphy, Paul Christopher Flynn, Peter O’ Connor, Petra Berntsson, Sharon McDaid and Syra Larkin. 

The daily exhibitions can be viewed by searching for Art In Lockdown Exhibition on Facebook – a brand new album of art will be posted there at 6 p.m. every day while we all remain safely at home. 

Screenshot of Day 16, just as a sample of a daily dose of art.


03 Apr 2020


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