Cavan County Council Artist Panel 2020 - 2023


Panel Guidelines and Terms & Conditions

Cavan County Council’s Cultural Sector (Arts Office, Cavan Heritage Office, Theatres, Libraries and Museum and the Geopark) is forming a panel of enthusiastic, motivated and skilled artists in all arts disciplines. These artists will be qualified to work in a range of different settings throughout the county, which can include once off and medium-term quality arts projects with people of all ages. The formation of this panel will help the development of artistic practice in the county and offers professional development opportunities to members of the panel as part of this work.


For example, artists from the panel are supported to lead projects as part of:

  • Children’s Art in Libraries Programme

  • Youth and Community Projects

  • Local Arts and Education Programme

  • Seasonal Arts Programmes

  • Neighbourhood and county-wide festivals and events


How do I join CAVAN COUNTY COUNCILS Artists’ Panel?

The Panel will be in place for three years (2020 to 2023). The setting up and establishment of the Panel took place initially following a Tender competition, advertised in March 2020. New applicants can apply for entry onto the Panel, by completing the online application form (below) directly to the Arts Office of Cavan County Council.  The Panel is open to new applications, during the lifetime of the Panel.


Artists Panel Application Form

Applicants must complete the Application Form. Applicants must meet the ‘Selection Criteria’ as per the application form and explained in these guidelines. Applicants must outline educational qualifications and artistic practice describing work in context, for example, with children or young people. Evidence and evaluation of previous projects is required to inform the assessment process.


How does the assessment process work?

Only those applications meeting the stated criteria will be considered for inclusion in the panel. Applications will be assessed by an expert panel including members of the Cavan County Council Cultural Sector (Arts Office, Cavan Heritage Office, Geopark, Theatres, Libraries and Museum). Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend a meeting to clarify information supplied in the application.


Application Form

Section A - Applicant Details

1-6 Basic information relating to applicant.  Applicants must identify their Base Location.

8 – Indicate whether you are applying for a place on the Panel or if you are an existing member of the Panel up-dating your information (you need only complete the relevant sections you wish up-dated)

9,10 - Applicant Acknowledges and Accepts: - Please tick the box to confirm that you have read and accept same.


Section B – Selection Criteria

All points in this section (11-17) must be completed. Failure to do so will result in your application being removed from further consideration.

Economic and Financial Capacity

11- Article 57

Must complete and sign the EU Declaration Form attached with this notice confirming if any of the situations listed in Article 57 of the Public Sector Directive 2014/24/EU applies to the tenderer (artist).  Tenderers (artists) may be excluded from participation based on the responses made in the declaration. (Appendix A)

11 - Tax Clearance Certificate

You must submit a signed statement that you (the artist) and all proposed sub-Contractors (if applicable) are able to produce a valid Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) in compliance with Circular (43) 2006 (or as amended) and that the certificate will be maintained for the duration of the panel and will be on a 12 month basis OR must submit a valid TCC as stated above. (Appendix B)

11 - Insurances

You must submit confirmation that the following insurances are in place – Public Liability (€2.6 million).

Employers Liability (€13 million) also required if applicant is employing staff. You must submit a statement confirming that should you be awarded any contract(s), you are willing and able to raise your insurance cover to this level (in cases where the existing cover level is lower) and that you will maintain this level for the duration of any contract(s) awarded.

Public liability insurance must be in place 7 days prior to commencement of any work undertaken for Cavan County Council. (Appendix B)


Artistic Capacity

12 - Artistic Discipline

Tick which art discipline(s) are relevant to you and identify any specialist area (Q13) you can offer under the relevant Discipline.

14 – Educational Qualification

Include a list of your education qualifications, highlighting especially any arts related qualifications.

15 – Supporting Documentation

You are requested to submit the relevant supporting Documentation. Tick the relevant box(es) to confirm you have submitted the documentation stated.

16 - Artistic Statement of Practice

Your Artistic Statement of Practice must prove that you are suitable for inclusion on the Panel in Line with its purpose (as statement above). Your Statement should describe:

•    A professional approach and ethos for artistic practice.

•    Artistic ambition and innovation alongside clear planning and relevance to context.

•    Technique and methodology that demonstrates effective communication of concepts and skills to varying and / or targeted ages and abilities.

•    A reflective and evaluative approach to artistic practice and project outcomes.

•    Describe your artistic background. Including:

  • Arts related education – subject(s) and level(s) attained.

  • Specific groups worked with – children, young people, older people etc.

  • Education settings – formal / informal, community, special needs, healthcare.

  • Specific details of 3 previous projects (no more than 200 words).

  • Documentation conveying your methodology – images, film, sound, online links.

You may use additional pages for this section. Please clearly mark them as ‘15 - Artistic Statement of Practice’.


17 - References

You must supply the details of references in relation to the 3 projects you highlight in your ‘Artistic Statement of Practice’ above. These references may be contacted on a confidential basis in relation to these contracts to confirm satisfactory delivery of the contracts must be submitted. Details should include names, addresses, and telephone numbers (landline).


18 - Child Protection Training & Garda Vetting

You must agree to undergo both of these or your application will not be considered further.


Section C – Optional Information.

All points in this section (19-23) are optional. Failure to answer (or answering no) will not result in your application being removed from further consideration. However, not answering, or answering ‘No’, may limit the opportunities available to you for work requiring specific skill sets.


Section D – Applicant Statement

You must complete this section. Failure to do so will remove your application from further consideration. If any information provided by you on the application form is discovered to be untruthful or inaccurate your application will be removed from further consideration, or if already appointed to the panel, you will be removed from it.


What are the terms and conditions of work?


  1. Cavan County Council’s Cultural Sector (Arts Office, Cavan Heritage Office, Theatres, Libraries and Museum and the Geopark) will endeavour as far as possible to award work to artists on the panel based on The Artistic Discipline required, any Specialist Area required, Availability and Rotation. However, Cavan County Council’s Cultural Sector reserves the right not to engage artists from the panel.

  2. Artists on the panel are required to attend Child Protection Training.

  3. Successful applicants will be subject to Garda Vetting prior to placement on the panel.

  4. Work may take place during unsociable hours. 

  5. Cavan County Council’s Cultural Sector (Arts Office, Cavan Heritage Office, Theatres, Libraries and Museum and the Geopark) is responsible only for the payment of work it has specifically assigned and agreed in advance with the artist. 

  6. On arrival at a work site, the Artist (if requested) must provide photographic proof of Identification to the relevant Cavan County Council Official.

  7. Payment: €50 per contact hour/€20 per preparation hour (number of hours to be agreed with Arts Office in advance of programme).  This rate applies to ‘one-off’ workshops.  An extended workshop programme rate will need to be negotiated on a project by project basis. 

  8. Assistant Artist: Applicants may indicate on the application form if they wish to be considered for artists’ assistant work from time to time.  Assistant Artist rate is €20 per hour. 

  9. Travel Allowance of €0.20 per kilometre may be claimed. Travel allowance (to be agreed in advance of programme) will be calculated based on the shortest route achievable from the Artists Base location (as stated in their application) or from the Cavan Courthouse (fixed base point based in Cavan Town) whichever one is the nearest to the work site/destination.

  10. Applicants may indicate on the application form if they wish their contact details to be published on the Cavan County Council Arts Office website.

  11. The Panel is primarily for use by the Cavan County Council’s Cultural Sector (Arts Office, Cavan Heritage Office, Theatres, Libraries and Museum and Geopark).

  12. After appointment to the panel, artists will be required to sign a Confidential Declaration Form.

  13. After appointment to the panel artists are required to read and sign Guidelines on Health and Safety for Cavan County Council’s Cultural Sector.

  14. After appointment to the panel, artists are required to read and sign Code of Conduct and policies of employment for Cavan County Council’s Cultural Sector.

  15. Cavan County Council is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 2014. If you consider that any of the information supplied by you is either commercially sensitive or confidential in nature, this should be highlighted and the reasons for the sensitivity specified. In such cases, the relevant material, will in response to the FOI request; be examined in the light of the exemptions provided for in the Acts.

  16. It will be a condition for the award of any contract by Cavan County Council that the successful Tenderer (artist) and all sub-contractors (if applicable) produce a valid Tax Clearance Certificate from the Revenue Commissioners in compliance with Circular (43) 2006 (or as amended) and that the certificate will be maintained for the duration of the contract and will be on a 12 month basis. In the case of a non-resident Tenderer, a statement of suitability from the Revenue Commissioners will be required.

  17. Please note in relation to all documents, that where reference is made to a particular standard, make, source, process, trademark, type or patent, that this is not to be regarded as a de facto requirement. In all such cases it should be understood that such indications are to be treated strictly and solely for reference purposes only, to which the words “or equivalent” will always be appended.


Upload Link for all documents :

(Q11 - Article 57, Tax Clearance Certificate, Insurance and Q15 - Supporting Documentation)


Application Form









12 May 2020

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