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Droimnín Destinations - Bespoke Literary Tours in Co Cavan


Droimnín Destinations: This a new venture by Heather Brett, Kim Doherty and Droimnín Destinations committee.  A small award from ICBAN enabled them to start a pilot incubation scheme. The overall aim is to enhance tourism throughout Cavan by providing bespoke literary and creative experiences for the culturally curious visitor. Their goal is to promote literary and creative arts, by offering workshops, happenings and events by YOU, just one of the many talented artists of Cavan.  Whether it is poetry, film-making or music, sculpture or drama, circus skills or a choir – we need you all to be part of this proposal.


Droimnín Destinations  are looking for your commitment, support and participation. This project kicks off next July/August, but there is a lot of groundwork to do before then.


This includes exploring the distinct and diverse Cavan landscape through the literature of contemporary living writers and legacy of literary figures. Words come to life through other art forms and they hope to deliver an interactive exciting programme which they would like you to be a part of.


At this point on their behalf we are gathering Expressions Of Interest. We have identified a minimum of 6 and maximum of 9 specific locations/clusters of creative experiences. We also intend to have a web/media presence.


For this venture to be successful and inclusive of the wide cultural offering of the county,  and to bring visitors to Cavan year on year, a diverse range of arts and cultural experiences are required.  Artist participation is a vital requirement (paid performance/workshop facilitation and digital media are all needed next year)  but Droimnín Destinations would appreciate if you might sign up now - to be part of this exciting project for both the artist and the visitor. Voluntary support and suggestions about any aspect are very welcome and we’d love to hear from community activists with a great story or heritage experience to promote.


Please contact either Heather or Kim Doherty to register your support and sign up for the Cavan adventure!




04 Aug 2020


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