Josie’s Art Studio & Workshop

Josie’s Art Studio & Workshop An installation by Margot Quinn Townhall Cavan Gallery


10am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday or by appointment


Mid December to Saturday 26th February







Being a collector and committed patron of the arts down the years’, says Josie(nee Mc Culligan,Cornageeha Cross,Mullabawn),’it has always been a passion of mine to own my own shop. One where I could go about my business, humming and hawing and singing my own songs-such   as (Come Back) Paddy Reilly To Ballyjamesduff, and of course the ever-popular and enduring-down-the-years Psycho Killer.

                                    When I’m asked what particular type of paintings, sculpture ,films ,what have you, I prefer-I always answer ‘In fact my taste is very varied-everything from Marty & The Wee Birds(a once-celebrated sixties showband not so very well-known, I’m afraid, these days-biggest hit “Quit it, Mary!’)to Rauschenburg,Nano Reid and Luis Bunuel.

                                    I suppose this tendency is reflected in my personality, in that I am a very busy and private person who doesn’t like too much gossip-especially these days with that book you hear them all talking about where people can say anything they like-‘Face’ it’s called, and now this Tik  Tok.

                                               Ah well.

                                               Mostly I am fond of making art out of rubbish and cardboard and am partial to the odd ‘good yarn’ with a ‘wee’ glass of wine - pref, red, combined with a big slab of Victoria Sponge.

                                               I would have to insist, however, although I have been all over(Aughnacliffe, Mullinachta, Drumlish town and Ballinalee),I remain an Ulster woman at heart. Perhaps because my great-granny originally came from Enniskillen.

                                               I always welcome visitors into my shop, with my paper family all around me-and of late, the artist Margot Quinn has popped in regularly for a chat or simply to lend a hand-never getting in the way or annoying me with questions-that’s because she has manners and knows who’s boss.

                                               I hope youse’ll all enjoy my humble wee shop!

                                               I remain, yours sincerely,

                                               Josie Mc Culligan, Mother-Of-The Arts,

                                               Cornageegha Cross-not far from Willie Mc Corkindale’s bicycles, on the Leitrim side of the Cavan/Longford border.)




21 Dec 2021