Building Peace through the Arts Bailieborough

Bailieborough Building Peace through the Arts Steering Committee has selected Barry Linanne, visual artist for a public artwork to be sited at the Market House (Library Building), Bailieborough.


The project seeks to develop a legacy artwork reflecting Bailieborough’s journey towards peace.  The Building Peace through the Arts – Re-Imaging Communities Programme themes includes community cohesion, regeneration through the arts, positive relations at local level, peace and reconciliation, and connecting communities.


Barry Linnane’s public sculpture entitled “Pledge of the Metalmen”, represent the communities working to create an indelible promise of a brighter future to the children of today, the children’s wishes made visible in the bronze plaque at the centre of the design. When viewed as an analogy for a community working together towards a single goal of a brighter future, Pledge of the Metalmen becomes a powerful symbol. The interdependence, teamwork and trust vital when working with the white heat of liquid metal directly parallels the interdependence, teamwork and trust required to achieve peace and reconciliation, community cohesion and positive relations, themes at the core of the community’s vision.


Barry Linnane will work with the local schools in Bailieborough and the local community groups suggested by the Bailieborough Steering Committee.


This project is commissioned by Building Peace through the Arts Steering Committee Bailieborough supported by Cavan County Council and funded through the Arts Council Northern Ireland.






Date and time:

17 Feb 2015 - 30 Jul 2015


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