Dreamscape Trail


Keep your eyes peeled for information on the launch of an exciting new Dreamscape Trail on Belturbet’s beautiful Turbet Island. This project is supported by the EU’s PEACE IV Programme, and managed by the Special EU Programmes Body.


The Dreamscape trail is part of Project Belturbet, PEACE IV funded to promote positive relations by respect, and where cultural diversity is celebrated and people can live, learn and socialize together, free from prejudice, hate and intolerance.  This was achieved by building a trail that involved cross-community  and cross border groups coming together and working in collaboration with Artist Jackie O’Neill - Dotti Was A Deer-, Belturbet Men’s Shed, Colm Mullen   and The Celtic Fairy Door collection.


The Dreamscape trail is a wonderful art exhibition of prints and faries that will remain on permanent display on Turbet Island. The trail includes a series of new prints by artist Jackie O’Neill including illustrated bird boxes made by the Belturbet Men’s Shed and a series of charming three-dimensional creatures of nature from the Celtic Fairy Door collection.


Project Co-ordinator Julie McAvinney felt that Turbet Island a shared space in Belturbet , with it’s rich  history was the perfect place to create a folklore trail. The year long project had several layers and ample opportunities for cross community and our cross border groups to come together, and share ideas for the folklore trail.  Activities such as our first outdoor  Christmas Market, Christmas Tree Festival, photography workshops. Walks and talks on Turbet Island/Belturbet Railway Station which included our cross border community from Magheraveely, Newtownbutler Co Fermanagh. The Men’s shed made a replica of the Mott & Bailey from the 12th Century.  Artist Jackie O Neill consulted extensively through cross community workshops in Belturbet to excavate the rich history, mythology and nature of the land and the river. The artist worked with cross community children who created their own unique art work inspired by the artist and the local stories.  Every print tells a unique story from the rich heritage of Belturbet. The Celtic Fairy Door collection artist created 15 “Know Me’s” (fairies) with children , introducing them to Turbet Island and learning the importance of the nature and the history of Belturbet. Everyone working together and building positive relations for a wonderful new trail in Belturbet, Co. Cavan.




Landscape, history, heritage, nature, storytelling, mythology and imagination shape this series of  Dreamscapes, each print or dreamscape hold many layers and varied and rich timelines that I have used to interpret the heritage town of Belturbet.  I hope in my artwork that I have created passage ways for the viewer to re-discover the ancient Rive Erne, the historic Turbet Island with its Motte and Bailey, the colourful characters that created this place and continue to shape it today.  It has been such a pleasure for me to work on the local stories and myths and to make artwork that is inspired by the wonderful people and place that is Belturbet. Quote from artist Jackie O’Neill




The day long celebration in Belturbet will include an exhibition of photos from the photographic workshops with Colm Mullen, facilitator.  Children from the local community have prepared choral work which they will share on the day with our cross-community choir.  A truly unique Motte and Bailey replica made by the local Men’s Shed will be unveiled on the day.   Celebrations take place on the island and at the Civic Centre Belturbet.


Join us for this cultural extravaganza as we celebrate Belturbet with rich and diverse work by artists and local people.


Turbet Island Dreamscape Trail launching very soon in Belturbet Co Cavan. An event not to be missed. Date will follow shortly on PROJECT Belturbet  and  Dotti Was A Deer Facebook page. 





Date and time:

23 Oct 2019 - 25 Feb 2020



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