Creative Proposals - Artists Professional Development + Mentoring

with : : Annette Moloney : : artist , curator + collaborator

Presented by Cavan Arts Office, Cavan County Council

Saturday 12 January 2013

Cavan Arts Office presents an Artists Professional Development event in the form of a workshop and mentoring sessions on preparing proposals, which is open to artists from all artforms.The day will include a presentation and conversation on best practice and some group discussions on examples of recent artist’s proposals.

Full details of event can be found here

Questions from artists at the start of the workshop

Creative Proposals Presentation

Feedback from the artists

Photos from the day
Artist questions

Artists at the workshop

Annette Moloney presents to the artists

Creative Proposals Workshop

Creative Proposals Workshop 2013

Artists at the Creative Proposals Workshop

Annette Moloney at the Creative Proposals Workshop

Date and time:

31 Dec 2011 - 29 Apr 2013


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