Ross Cochrane at Bullock Lane

Ross Cochrane is currently undertaking a Research Residency at the Bullock Lane Arts Space Cavan. 


Exploring memories which remain embedded in the landscape locally, the Artist records parallels that intersect between spatial hierarchies, ecology and new consumer topographies; documenting balances between permitted territories; the use and misuse of space and the rural and the manufactured.


With an emphasis on exploration in the landscape, liminal spaces and rural edge lands, Cochrane’s research examines places steeped within their own system of time and residual memory; allowing for accessibility and new dialogue into places where boundaries dissolve; depicting memory, seen as a real defined objet. 


The Research Residency was awarded by Cavan Arts office and runs March to April.   This space for arts is made possible by Cavan Town Council.

Date and time:

19 Mar 2014 - 21 May 2014

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