Mentoring for Visual Artists with Rita Duffy

Eight artists are engaging in the mentoring project with Rita Duffy. They include Maria Bagnoli, Michelle Boyle, Freda Young, Mark Lawlor, Colette Kearney, Mary Prior, Sally O Dowd and Rikki van den Berg.

Mark Lawlor described "Rita Duffy is a power house... She has woven her way in a landscape that was not easy and maintained the laughing woman.  I feel that Rita has had this moving effect on everyone."
The artists will work with Rita over a six week period.
Born in Belfast, Rita Duffy is a leading Irish artist. Based strongly in the figurative/narrative tradition, her paintings often function as active poetic spaces where the energy of contradictory and destructive forces are transmuted and resolved. 

Further details on Rita Duffy and her various collections are available on

Date and time:

21 Mar 2014 - 31 May 2014


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