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Marilyn Gaffney

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Marilyn Gaffney


Landscape has been an interest in Marilyn Gaffney’s work for an ongoing number of years.  The exploration into a subject to which she has researched with years of discussion and critique. 

She is particularly interested in the human impact on the landscape, the changes that occur as a result and the stories that are created from that.

Marilyn GaffneyShe is interested in our relationship to landscape and how particular places hold memories and can embody emotional responses.  A snapshot memory of a place may be recreated through automatic responses with material as a form of remembering.  This relationship of memory and landscape brings about an emotional response because the place holds sentiment.  The notion of Urban Memory and the loss of certain things within a place when it has been changed features as research within her work.   She is interested in the combination of representation and abstraction in painting.  Narrative is apparent in her work, as she super-imposes figures occupied in bucolic gardens and foliage.


Marilyn Gaffney holds an MFA from the National College of Art and Design.  She received the D.O. Sullivan Medal Award in 2009 and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in 2010 from Sligo IT.

She is the recipient of the John O'Leary Award (2010) which entailed her to pursue residencies abroad, to which she has created a network of artists groups.  Her works were described as 'very impressive' by Aidan Dunne, Art Critic from the Irish Times and the RHA gallery have her work in private collection.

Marilyn currently curated an exhibition titled ‘Landscape and Memory’ with 22 international artists work from networks she created while undertaking the John O’Leary Award.  This much anticipated exhibition took place in its first venue at Johnston’s Central Library Gallery Space, Cavan Town.  The exhibition is anticipated to travel to other venues.

Marilyn Gaffney


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Marilyn Gaffney