Art Forms:

Visual Art, Theatre/ Drama

Storm by Rikki van den Berg


Areas of Interest:

Drama facilitator youthgroups, adults and theatre

Working with community groups and community projects.


Bathing Woman by Rikki van den BergBio:

Rikki van den Berg was born in Holland, spent her formative years in Ireland. Moving back to Holland, and bringig an unusual cultural background, left her vulnerable and estranged from her native country. It's against this background that painting became her chosen form of expression, finding encouragement and inspiration in her aunt's work, Maria van Everdingen, a renowned sculptress. She also found seclusion in theatre, discovering a passion for the stage and directing.

In 1997, Rikki returned to Ireland, establishing herself as a figurative and abstract painter, embarking on a personal journey in search of identity and place, resulting in abstract landscapes and figurative work, reflecting a deep sense of vulnerability and an abstracted view of belonging. Her most recent works are in oil and incorporate different techniques of layering textures, glazes and/or waxes.

Her work has received both national and international acclaim, with works in public and private collections in America, Canada, Ireland, London, Belgium, France and most recent China, after participating in the 'Irish Wave 3" art manifestation in Beijing in 2013.

Work presented by:

            Gorden Harris ‘High Street Gallery’, 22 High Street, Galway

            Gallery 1608, Bushmills, Northern Ireland

            ‘The Quay Gallery’, Quay, Westport, Co Mayo

            ‘The Doorway Gallery’, South Frederick Street, Dublin

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