Art Form: Visual Art

Siobhan Harton

Areas of Interest:

Art Installation, Sceptical, Street Art, Drawing, Collage, Arts and Youth, Art and Community, Arts Facilitation, Art and Design.

Siobhan Harton


Siobhan Harton is a Visual Artist, Designer and Co-Curator of trans-art born in Co.Cavan. Her practice mixes an array of disciplines creating unique Installation’s, Sound Art, Drawing, and collage. Siobhans work offers visually stimulating and experimental experiencing multi-layered compositions. Her installations are enhanced by the awakening culture and inspired by experiences.

Siobhan HartonWhile working in the field of Interior Architecture, Product and Graphics design. Her designs have led her to win awards, work with award winning architecture practices, guest lecture in Dublin Institute of Technology, IT Sligo, and be an external examiner of design.

Siobhan studied Industrial Design at Institute of Technology Sligo, furthered her studies at Dublin Institute of Technology, Mountjoy Square, where she receiving a Honors Degree in Interior Architecture. In 2010 Harton continued to complete a MA in Professional Design Practice from Dublin Intuited of Technology, Bolton Street.

At present Siobhan is working on bring art to the community.  Her mission is to help break the barriers of viewing art.  In doing this she brings art to the greater community transforming public spaces into works of art allowing people to experience a public space in a new unique way. Some of her more public work was in 2011 transforming Cavan bus station into a “Camera Obscura”, followed by transforming a double decker bus eireann bus in to a “Camera Obsura” allowing over 1,000 visitors to experience the Art work. In 2012 more of Hartons work could be seen on the streets of cavan when she transformed the façade of St Augustine’s Hall, Cavan town into street art piece called “shadows of a love story”.

Hartons belief is that Working through the arts allows for human expression and creativity it helps individuals and communities to open up to change.

Siobhan Harton
Contact information and further details:

Tel: 087 190 15 90

“Cavan Obscura” Bus Station Cavan

“Cavan Obscura” Double Decker Bus

Siobhan Harton