'Access your Creativity through the Landscape' 2

Anthology by Julie Aldridge


Workshop is supported by the Cavan Arts office and is free but places ARE limited so booking is essential. Call 087 0534737 or 086 4075306 to book a place.


'Access your Creativity through the Landscape' 2


Celebrating Culture Night on 17th September 2021, Droimin Creative supported by Cavan Arts invites you to the second workshop in a series entitled 'Access your Creativity through the Landscape'



 'Access your Creativity through the Landscape’ 2. “Step further in!”

Join three different arts practitioners on a creative journey into the landscape through, lakes and ringforts, drumlins and ridges. It will take place on zoom, Wednesday 1st September from 1-3pm: Facilitated by art therapists Julie Aldridge and Kim Doherty and poet Heather Brett.

This two hour workshop explores why heritage sites and natural beauty spots can draw us in. Healing lakes and old sites of protection, the pull of water. The curve of the hills and the soft body of the earth. Find a song within to expand your creativity. 

Art and poetry exercises take a deeper look at what's around us and welcome whatever comes in through the natural doorways. Participants are invited to respond;

use your own favourite art materials for writing, drawing, painting, modelling etc. There is no charge for this workshop as it is offered by Droimín Creatives facilitators and subsidised by the Cavan County Council Arts office.


Please be aware that there will be a recording of this workshop. The facilitation will be oriented towards creative making.

An edited version of the video will be used to promote a series of these workshops on the same theme. If you are interested in taking part, please let us know by Sarturday 28th August at the latest and details of the link will be sent to you.



Workshop is subsidised by the Cavan Arts office and is free but places ARE limited so booking is essential.

Contact Kim at


Date and time:

01 September 2021 from 06:00 to 08:00


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