First Music Contact online workshop II

Stage 2 of the initiative will continue on Wednesday March 30th from 5pm to 7pm where First Music Contact will be hosting a second professional development workshop based on selections from their initial questionnaire which in the case of Cavan respondents was to find out more about song writing and the practicalities and tips for working in a studio.

Choice nominated artist Daithi ( House Plants) will chat about his songwriting process and as a studio owner will also talk though the ins and outs of studio work

The second hour, they will host a conversation between you , the Artist and the local Arts Office to assess the needs of musicians in your county and how all can work together to deliver for these needs. To help them prepare for the second workshop, please fill out this short survey


Workshop 2

In conversation with Daithi on Songwriting and Studio Work

Daithi is an electronic music producer obsessed by the culture of Ireland. The two time choice award nominee combines nature recordings, old Irish samples and analog synths to create a unique type of house music that’s soaked in Irish culture. A mainstay in the Irish gigging scene, his live show is an improvised performance, creating on the spot dance music using synths, drum machines and live fiddle. Last year, Daithi found a forgotten recording of his grandmother, where she talked about how she met her husband, and what it was like living in the west of Ireland for the past 90 years. Daithi sampled this recording to create ‘Mary Keanes Introduction’, a track which captured the imagination of millions of Irish people across the world, and became one of the most successful Irish singles that year, staying no.1 in the spotify viral charts for 6 weeks.

It proved Daithi’s mantra on music: Every sample should have a back story, and every song should be personal.

Cavan Regional Development plan pilot Workshop 2

When: Mar 30, 2022 05:00 PM

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Date and time:

06 March 2022 to 30 March 2022


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