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Writes content for businesses but also writes some fiction.

Interested in sculpture workshops or techniques and any projects/research projects leading to exhibitions, group or otherwise.

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A Suspension of DisbeliefBio:

I graduated from NCAD in 1995 with a joint degree in Fine Art and Art History and specialised in painting. After graduation, between working on my own personal art, I have also worked as a mural artist, special effects painter, interior designer, graphic designer, illustrator and writer. My art has been exhibited in Ireland the UK and Germany in a number of group shows and I had my third solo exhibition in 2014.

From 2007 – 2013 I lived in Berlin, which has a vibrant and contemporary art scene. My time in Berlin had an impact on the aesthetics of my work, which I have subsequently developed since coming back to Ireland in 2013.

I have experimented with different methods and styles over the years moving from representational painting to semi-abstract florals. In Berlin I experimented with miniature theatre sets made from paper which were the starting point for further work using mixed media to create small, three-dimensional sculptures. My painting meanwhile, has reverted back to where I started: representational imagery using oil on canvas.

All my work is an attempt to express the invisible world inside everyone, thoughts, emotions, dreams, hopes and fears. To this end there is a sense of fantasy or unreality about the works as they represent the more imaginative and sometimes illogical inner world of human beings.

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Twitter: @elenaduff

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