Art Forms: Visual Art, Drawing, Printmaking and Photography

Freda Young

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Likes to attend professional artist Workshops.

Freda Young


The Artwork of Freda Young is a reflection of the area in which she lives. Visions of the mountains, waterways, wildflowers and landscapes often with human presence, adorn her canvases. Drawing with oil painting would be the primary medium used. Trips into the landscape are often undertaken in all weathers but she feels the sunny day provides the best version of the chosen scene, however. Sketches and notebooks full of colour notes are compiled and with this information bigger works are created later.  Whenever time permits, Freda likes to attend life drawing sessions to upskill on drawing.  

Freda Young

2002:  A Diploma with Distinction from The Regency Academy London 'Understanding Art and The History of Art'

2008: Oil painting and Drawing Theory with The Raybould Art Academy. US

2011: Self Directed Study from the Publictions Parramon - Art Instruction from Gemma Guasch and Joseph Asuncion, Professors in the School of Arts and Trades in the Council of Barcelona.

Artist has attended Professional Workshops whenever the opportunity has presented itself.  She likes to attend exhibitions and also read about art and artists and has undertaken some volunteering work in the past.

EXHIBITIONS: Freda is a frequent exhibitor in the Cavan and Leitrim Area.

Freda Young


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Mobile: 086 2108903