Building Peace Through the Arts - Re-Imaging Communities Cavan

About the project

The project seeks to engage participants and deal with the particularly sensitive / challenging issues of sectarianism and racism.  We are interested in hearing your views on each of the areas listed.  If you would like to share your opinions come along to one the public meetings, contact a member of the committee or email Dr Emer Coveney  or Catriona O'Reilly and we will put you in touch with the relevant facilitator.


An Artist / Facilitator has been recruited for each of the following areas:

  • Cootehill: Susan Hunter
  • Redhills: Joanne Behan
  • Ballyconnell: Rita Duffy
  • Bailieborough: Joanne Behan


The Artist / Facilitator will carry out community consultation and creative engagement during the first stage of a Building Peace through the Arts project. Some public meeting dates have been arranged as follows:


  1. Redhills:  Wednesday 2 April in Killoughter Hall at 8.30pm.
    Local contact: John Kelly 085 174 2001

  2. Ballyconnell:  Monday 31 March at 7.30pm at the Church of Ireland Hall, Ballyconnell.
    Local Contact: Tony Connolly 087 693 7902

  3. Cootehill:  Tuesday 1 April from 2pm until 7pm in the White Star complex, Cootehill.
    Local Contact: Malachy Magee 087 669 0803

  4. Bailieborough:  Public meeting on Thursday the 1st of May at 8.30pm in Bailieborough Development Association, Shercock Road, Bailieborough.
    Local Contact: Paddy Sheanon 087 846 8676


Public Art Viewing Day Belfast on Friday 25 April was a useful opportunity to view public art and particularly arts created under the Re Imaging Programme previously.  Read more

Public Art Trip with the arts office

Royal Childrens Hospital

Public Art Trip Belfast

Belfast Royal Childrens Hospital Art Work

Yardmen Sculptures

Peace Wall

Belfast Public Art Trip Big Fish Dream by John Kindness


Workshops in Redhills

Redhills Community Development and Tidy Towns groups along with Cavan County Council have secured funds for the first phase of the development of a public art project for the village of Redhills. The objective is to build positive relations between people and develop more inclusive cultural identities through the production of high quality art work for the area. An Artist/Facilitator will deliver a series of creative workshops and we need your input!


Creative Workshops for adults will take place in Killoughter Hall at 8pm on:

Wednesday 9 April 2014
Wednesday 16 April 2014
Wednesday 23 April 2014
Wednesday 30 April 2014

Children’s Art Workshop: (8+ yrs) will take place on Tuesday 15 April and Wednesday 16 April from 10.30am to 12.30pm (free of charge) in Stone Park Hall.  All communities welcome at the workshops.

During the workshops we will use various creative techniques and art materials to explore what is relevant and important to the area and the people living here.  For example: local stories, shared recollections, local history, interesting facts about the area and landscape etc. It is important that the artwork relates to the area.

Outcome: The Artist/Facilitator will prepare a report that identifies an overall theme for the art work and an agreed site. This report will inform the work of Phase 2 of the project when an artist will be selected to create the artwork.

Workshops will be fun and creative, no artistic skills are necessary! Everyone Welcome.

Please contact Joanne Behan, artist/facilitator if you would like to register for the workshop.
Joanne Behan 087 7828722.

This project is part- financed by the European Union’s Programme for Peace and Reconciliation (PEACE III) managed by the Special EU Programmes Body; the Arts Council of Northern Ireland; and the International Fund for Ireland.

 Re-Imaging Communities


Date and time:

18 Mar 2014 - 24 Apr 2014

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