Art Forms:

Film, Animation, Visual arts, Theatrical set design, Poster

Kasia and Pawel


Areas of Interest:

Cultural Anthropology and Mythology

Kasia and Pawel



We are duet of artists living and working in Cavan Town. In 2013 we established Konik Art Studio.

We work together, Pawel is a painter, and Kasia is an art historian. In our common work we join visual sphere with theoretical knowledge. Both finished Art University in Torun (Poland) Pawel Painting Department (with stain glass) and Kasia Cultural Heritage Protection also Kasia graduated State Secondary School of Fine Art in Szczecin. We create animations based on mythology, folklore and legends. In our animations we combine artistic experience with elements of art history and cultural anthropology. We are interested in the idea of the interpenetration of cultures and myths migration.

We seek for universal motives and common elements existing in the Indo-European cultural heritage.

 In 2013 we created two animations referring to Irish mythology, it was adaptation of “Balor the evil eye” and Saint Brendan the Navigator. Animation “The Voyage of Saint Brendan” was shown on our exhibition “Storm Children” in Cavan County Museum, in Collaboration Festival in Dublin and in Centre for Creative Practices in the series of New Voices of Ireland in Dublin. We are currently working on “Broken Tale” which is a multidisciplinary project where the animation is the main, beside paintings, prints, miniatures and drawings. It refers to myths and legends in particular Scandinavian, Slavic and Celtic culture. In this year we have received an international Arts Residence in Smedbyn, Sweden.

The Voyage of Saint Brendan


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Kasia and Pawel


Kasia and Pawel