Art Forms:

Film, animation, graphic design

Areas of Interest:


Video Portraits

Music Video

Narrative short and feature

Experimental film

Video Projection

Lighting for various media



Padraig became interested in live action filmmaking while studying animation in Dun Laoghaire, mainly the sub textual power of narrative filmmaking.

He learned how to work with cameras doing corporate video jobs, while picking up the manners of filmmaking working on sets.

He began to light and shoot short films as cinematographer, learning developing a sensitivity for composition, motion and lighting.   

2010 onwards saw the introduction of High definition video into large sensor still cameras, giving filmmakers the tools to create quality images relatively inexpensive.

Padraig wrote a feature length film and raised some funds using the crowd funding site, and began shooting the micro budget feature length film, No Party For Billy Burns. The film provides an unfiltered lyrical voice for young people in rural Ireland, a demographic that is usually pandered to national media and advertising Because of the self financed route of the film, the post production has become a long term process.

Padraig began working with Philip Doherty of the Gonzo Theatre, and Finn Keenan on their winning entry in the RTE Storyland competition, The Begrudgers. Since then he has produced many colourful promotional videos for the The Gonzo Theatre and done lighting on various projects for Finn, including music videos for The Strypes and commercial projects for companies like Aer Lingus and No



Autumn Elegy from padraig conaty on Vimeo.