Art Forms:

Film ,Radio Drama, Radio Documentary, Comedy, Music.


Areas of Interest:

Fiction and non-fiction. Scripted and unscripted. Comedy and Tragedy.



Kevin McCann is an artist born in Fermanagh and raised in Cavan. 

His work is mainly based on the border and northern region of Ireland, and explores themes of human existence such as identity, faith, struggle and nationality through drama and documentary for the screen and radio. As well as writing and film-making, it extends to radio drama, documentary, comedy and music.

After graduating university (Science), McCann worked in Roger Corman’s Film Studios in Galway and the religious TV Kairos. He has run the production company Maccana Teoranta, north and south of the Irish border since 2005 and is a 2010 graduate of the European EAVE Film Producer programme. His work in drama and documentary for has been featured on the television and radio broadcasters in Ireland and his films has been screened in festivals across the world.

In 1999, his film ‘Testing Time, Teddy Boy’ explored a drastic dilemma faced by an Ulster farmer unprepared for the impending Celtic Tiger Ireland. In 2009, he produced a documentary ‘The Boys of St.Columbs’ for BBC/RTE, which followed the lives of several great Irish figures, including Nobel Laureates Seamus Heaney and John Hume, who have helped transform modern Ireland and who all attended the same small school in Derry. He produced a half hour drama ‘Volkswagen Joe’ based in a play by his father set during the troubles. His latest work for radio - a soap opera called ‘COMA’ featured 10 actors from the border region and his latest film “Prison Door’ was shot in the H-Block Prison in Long Kesh and is the last work written by the late Dermot Healy.


Kevin's Work:

Prison Door


Volkswagen Joe

The Boys of St Columbs

Testing Time Teddy Boy


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